Sentence Examples with the word DOTS

The blue dots in Texas disappeared, drawing his attention to the phone in his hand.

The Aztec numerals, which were vigesimal or reckoned by scores, were depicted by dots or circles up to 20, which was represented by a flag, 400 (a score of scores) by a feather, and 8000 (a score of scores of scores) by a purse; but for convenience these symbols might be halved and quartered, so that 534 might be shown by one feather, one quarter of a feather, one flag, one-half of a flag, and four dots.

She doesn't need to connect the dots back to me.

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The line of pressures as generally given for this dam with the reservoir full, on the hypothesis that the density of the masonry was a little over 2, is shown by long and short dots in fig.

The upper surface often shows a number of impressed dots (punctures).

It seemed every other rider had passed him on the climb until he looked down the mountain and saw hundreds of dots of color still struggling up the incline behind him.

The interpretation of the signals is according to the Morse code, - the dot and dash being represented by deflexions of the line of dots to one side or other of the centre line of the paper.

But from the I 5th century the punching of the dots in rigidly straight lines came to be considered essential, and the difficulty involved was so great that namako-making took its place among the highest technical achievements of the sculptor.

More than two years ago a cousin taught her the telegraph alphabet by making the dots and dashes on the back of her hand with his finger.

A century later, the daimyo namako was invented, in which lines of dots alternated with lines of polished ground.