Sentence Examples with the word DOS

The account by Antonio de Leon y Gama, Descripcion historica y cronologica de las dos piedras que.

There is but one deep inlet of the sea - Great Fish Bay (or Bahia dos Tigres), a little north of the Portuguese-German frontier.

Some extracts are to be found in his Histoire des nations civilisees du Mexique, and in Leon y Gama, Dos Piedras ...

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Im Neuen dos Alte (1837), which contains his theory of the origin and explanation of the Greek myths, which he never abandoned, in spite of the attacks to which it was subjected.

Carel, Vieira, sa vie et ses oeuvres (Paris, 1879); Luiz Cabral, Vieira, biog., caractere, eloquence (Paris, 1900); idem, Vieira pregador (2 vols., Oporto, 1901); Sotero dos Reis, Curso de litteratura Portugueza e Brazileira, iii.

Of Spain to the Conventa dos Jeronymos in Lisbon, many Portuguese refused to credit his death.

The Lagoa dos Patos is about 124 m.

Of one-volume books on the same subject, Dr Braga's Curso da Historia da Litteratura portugueza and his Theoria da Historia da Litteratura portugueza (3rd ed., 1881) may be recommended, though the plainer Historia da Litteratura portugueza, by Dr Mendes dos Remedios (3rd ed., 1908) has the considerable advantage for foreign students of including a large number of selected passages from the authors named.

Pereira's Historia dos Martyres de Nagran, aisbon, 1899).

In Lisbon a chamber of commerce (Junta do commercio) was organized in 1756 to replace an older association of merchants, the ilIeza dos homens de negocio, which had attacked the Path Company; and in the same year the Alto Douro Company was formed to control the port-wine trade and to break the monopoly enjoyed by a syndicate of British wine merchants.