Sentence Examples with the word DOMINICAL

It Deserves To Be Remarked, That As The Dominical Letter Of The First Year Of The Era Was B, The First Column Of The Following Table Will Give The Dominical Letter Of Every Year From The Commencement Of The Era To The Reformation.

Let L Denote The Number Of The Dominical Letter Of Any Given Year Of The Era.

This Long Period, However, May Be Reduced To Four Hundred Years; For Since The Dominical Letter Goes Back Five Places Every Four Years, Its Variation In Four Hundred Years, In The Julian Calendar, Was Five Hundred Places, Which Is Equivalent To Only Three Places (For Five Hundred Divided By Seven Leaves Three); But The Gregorian Calendar Suppresses Exactly Three Intercalations In Four Hundred Years, So That After Four Hundred Years The Dominical Letters Must Again Return In The Same Order.

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In The Julian Calendar The Dominical Letters Are Readily Found By Means Of A Short Cycle, In Which They Recur In The Same Order Without Interruption.

It Will Be Remembered That In A Leap Year There Are Always Two Dominical Letters, One Of Which Is Employed Till The 29Th Of February, And The Other Till The End Of The Year.

The Value Of L Is Always Given By The Formula For The Dominical Letter, And P And 1 Are Easily Deduced From The Epact, As Will Appear From The Following Considerations.

By Means Of The Formulae Which We Have Now Given For The Dominical Letter, The Golden Number And The Epact, Easter Sunday May Be Computed For Any Year After The Reformation, Without The Assistance Of Any Tables Whatever.

The Fourth Year Was Bissextile, And The Dominical Letters Were F, E; The Following Year D, And So On.

Hence The Following Table Of Dominical Letters For Four Hundred Years Will Serve To Show The Dominical Letter Of Any Year In The Gregorian Calendar For Ever.

Before The Intercalation The Dominical Letter Had Retrograded One Place Less.