Sentence Examples with the word DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN

A Frenchman before everything, he abased the papal power to such an extent as to excite the indignation of his contemporaries, often slavishly subordinating it to the exigencies of the domestic and foreign policy of the Angevins at Naples and the reigning house at Paris.

And would not make up his mind to sanction operations which, at the cost of a few hundred lives, would have saved thousands who perished miserably of disease.2 These then were the leading principles which underlay Nicholas's domestic and foreign policy from first to last: to discipline Russia, and by means of a disciplined Russia to discipline the world.

The Anglican Church in Canada has its Domestic and Foreign Missionary Society, working in the North-West and in Japan; and in Australia it has a Board of Missions, working amongst the Australian aborigines and in New Guinea.