Sentence Examples with the word DOING

Being called upon to arrange the plants in the garden, he necessarily had to consider the best method of doing so, and, following the lines already suggested by his uncle, adopted a system founded in a certain degree on that of Ray, in which he embraced all the discoveries in organography, adopted the simplicity of the Linnean definitions, and displayed the natural affinities of plants.

I feel we have set the bar way too low and in doing so have fundamentally cheapened life, everyone's life.

But even if they succeeded in doing that it would be very difficult for them to fly amongst these rocks; so I am sure we need fear them no longer.

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Much depends on the precision with which an error can be corrected: wherever there are more plausible ways than one of doing this, the faulty reading must be allowed to remain.

By doing this, we will come to understand those conditions better and perhaps prevent them.

Even though her skin now had a healthy tan, the sun was doing its best to burn it.

Nine times out of ten, in these here capers, it's the she who's doing the deed.

I turned on the equipment, though without Howie hooked up to it, there was no absolutely no point in doing so.

Some have suggested that doing crossword puzzles helps keep the mind active.

Energy is the capacity for doing work.