Sentence Examples with the word DOE

An armadillo stared at them from a rocky ledge as they passed, and a doe and her fawn darted across the trail not more than a hundred yards ahead, disappearing into the brush.

Everything looked normal, so she gave the doe her privacy.

Each cleansing lick from the doe nearly knocked them off their feet, but they staggered close to her for more nourishment.

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In the next instant she realized a doe standing away from the herd had attracted his attention.

She hated to leave the little doe for them, but maybe their interest in the goat would keep them occupied long enough to get Brutus into the barn.

Squatting, the doe strained again and one hoof presented again, only to disappear again after the contraction ended.

His gaze lingered, and he took in the beautiful doe brown eyes, deep set and large, framed by long eyelashes.

Within seconds the one hoof was visible again and the doe was screaming in agony.

But that lasted no more than a few minutes before the doe dropped to the ground and strained with another contraction.

The doe lurched to her feet and immediately went into another contraction.