Sentence Examples with the word DO

Last week she made her doll an apron, and it was done as well as any child of her age could do it.

I do not remember a time since I have been capable of loving books that I have not loved Shakespeare.

There have been great differences in the seas round Iceland and Greenland with regard to the presence of ice: from the 9th to the 12th centuries there is no evidence (in contemporary accounts) of the presence of much ice in the sea off Greenland, nor was much ice carried by the Labrador current, but from the 13th century onwards we do have evidence that there was very troublesome ice off Greenland.

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Among them were the ecclesiastical historian Frei Manoel do Cenaculo, bishop of Beja, the polygraph Ribeiro dos Santos, Caetano do Amaral, a patient investigator of the origins of Portugal, Joao Pedro Riberio, the founder of modern historical studies, D.

Koch has suggested that the disinfection of malarial persons by quinine would have the desired effect, but other authorities of greater experience do not consider it practicable.

In interpretations of Kowalevsky and Heider, and so on the whole do Orthoptera and Thysanura, as well as some others of the lower those of F.

So's I can stand out of the way while he does what he's going to do anyway, small town hick that I am.

In 1817 Pernambuco was the scene of a revolutionary outbreak, which resulted in the separation of the present states of Alagoas and Rio Grande do Norte, Ceara and Parahyba having been detached in 1799.

His omission to do so gave the country time to meditate on the consequences of his policy.

We do not find their behaviour like that of the motor mechanism of an animal.