Sentence Examples with the word DITCH

Thick at the base, supported by about r so semicircular towers, and is further protected by a ditch 45 ft.

Snorre the Icelander tells us that the Danes fortified Southwark with ditch and rampart, which the English assailed in vain.

The end ditch within the limits of the space is, according to Scottish laws, regarded as part of the green, a regulation which prejudices the general acceptance of those laws.

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It is protected by a broad wet ditch (plans in article Fortification), and in the caponiers are the magazines and store chambers of the fortress.

He enlarged the fortified area by constructing a wall and ditch (now called Adigetto) straight across the loop, to the S.W.

It had long been a fundamental principle of Indian government that the sepoy would always be true to his salt - knowing, as Macaulay wrote in 1840, that there was not another state in India which would not, in spite of the most solemn promises, leave him to die of hunger in a ditch as soon as he had ceased to be useful.

Disciplined troops as they were, they resisted the temptation to escape Ferrara's fire by breaking out to the front; but the whole Spanish line was enfiladed, and on the left of it the papal troops, who were by no means of the same quality, filled up the ditch in front of their breastworks and charged forward, followed by all the gendarmerie.

Dean figured Fred was making a last ditch effort for a dispensation from his public duty.

The water is brought from a ditch on the high ground, and through a line of pipes to the distributing box, whence the branch pipes supplying the jets diverge.

The ditch ran northward to Tabarca and southward to Tina.