Sentence Examples with the word DISTORT

The bard will exaggerate or distort his story.

Taking Pomponius Atticus as his political model, he was persuaded that a man, a lawyer and a judge could best serve his country and benefit his countrymen by holding aloof from partisanship and its violent prejudices, which are so apt to distort and confuse the judgment.

Next year he published Le Pape, a vision of the spirit of Christ in appeal against the spirit of Christianity, his ideal follower confronted and contrasted with his nominal vicar; next year again La Pitie supreme, a plea for charity towards tyrants who know not what they do, perverted by omnipotence and degraded by adoration; two years later Religions et religion, a poem which is at once a cry of faith and a protest against the creeds which deform and distort and leave it misshapen and envenomed and defiled; and in the same year L'Ane, a paean of satiric invective against the past follies of learned ignorance, and lyric rapture of confidence in the future wisdom and the final conscience of the world.

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Without a personal knowledge of affairs a writer will inevitably distort the true relations and importance of events (xii.

Those who kept in touch with the old literature - men such as Beldiman, Marcovici and Negrutin - were able even in their metrical translations to do justice to the originals and at the same time not to distort the character of the Rumanian language.

He protests against its use for controversial pamphlets which distort the truth.