Sentence Examples with the word DISORDER

In 1653 the weakness and disorder of Poland, which had just emerged, bleeding at every pore, from the savage Cossack war, encouraged Alexius to attempt to recover from her secular rival the old Russian lands.

A scene of riot and disorder was enacted in the Venezuelan capital.

The greatest disorder and depression had been in the baggage train he had passed that morning on the Znaim road seven miles away from the French.

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It was the apparent triumph of the principles of disorder in the revolutions of Naples and Piedmont, combined with increasingly disquieting symptoms of discontent in France, Germany and among his own people, that completed Alexander's conversion.

As in every social scheme where the government is wor without real power, the weakest sought protection of the strongest; and the system of patron, client and journeyman, which had existed among the Romans, the Gauls and the Germans, spread rapidly in the 6th and 7th centuries, owing to public disorder and the inadequate protection afforded by the government.

Meanwhile, in Tharawaddy, or the country east of the Irrawaddy, and in the south of Henzada, much disorder was caused by a revolt, the leaders of which were, however, defeated by the British and their gangs dispersed.

Iron, therefore, may disorder the digestion even in healthy subjects.

But the disorder in the army and the administration continued, and the advance of the Austrians and the Venetians met with little opposition.

He introduced a Land Bill to relieve tenants from legal process if they paid half their rent, and foretold disorder in consequence of its rejection.

The symptoms of disorder that Pierre had noticed at their first halting place after leaving Moscow had now reached the utmost limit.