Sentence Examples with the word DISH

He took some gold pieces from his trouser pocket and put them on the dish for her.

He falls back on the definition of an earlier canonist that if the woman eats out of the same dish with the man, and if he takes her to church, she may be presumed to be his wife; if, however, he sends her to draw water and dresses her in vile clothing, she is probably a concubine (Provinciale, ed.

In fact, it will remember everything that has ever been cooked in it so that when you are trying to recreate last week's risotto dish that you improvised, it will tell you that you added a bit more salt and less chicken broth.

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Carmen stopped washing the dish in her hand and stared at Mary in mute silence.

She handed another dish to Carmen.

From the root of the kalo is made the national dish called poi; after having been baked and well beaten on a board with a stone pestle it is made into a paste with water and then allowed to ferment for a few days, when it is ready to be eaten.

The priest's wife, flushing rosy red, caught up the dish she had after all not managed to present at the right moment, though she had so long been preparing for it, and with a low bow offered it to Kutuzov.

He, or his fifty impious sons, entertained Zeus and set before him a dish of human flesh; the god pushed away the dish in disgust and either killed the king and his sons by lightning or turned them into wolves (Apollodorus iii.

The host and hostess look toward the door, and now and then glance at one another, and the visitors try to guess from these glances who, or what, they are waiting for--some important relation who has not yet arrived, or a dish that is not yet ready.

Bordeaux led them into a dish shaped depression at the top of a dune and then dismounted.