Sentence Examples with the word DISCUSSION

The theory of the physiocrats now found powerful advocates in Denmark; and after 1755, when the press censorship was abolished so far as regarded political economy and agriculture, a thorough discussion of the whole agrarian question became possible.

The proceedings opened on the 1st of October with conferences between Luther and Oecolampadius, and Melanchthon and Zwingli: then on the two following days the discussion proper - confined almost entirely to Luther and Zwingli - was held before the landgrave and his guest Duke Ulrich of Wurttemberg, in the presence of more than fifty persons.

While we were sympathetic to dad, we decided after heated discussion simply tip what we learned.

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In the second book Arnobius digresses into a long discussion on the soul, which he does not think is of divine origin, and which he scarcely believes to be immortal.

After a brief discussion we decided to telephone first and leave the visit option on the table, at least for now.

Owing to the peculiar character of the Tables no grammatical statement about Umbrian is free from difficulty; and these bare outlines of its phonology must be supplemented by reference to the lucid discussion in C. D.

Cynthia capped the discussion with a yawn.

For a further discussion of the binary sextic see Gordan, loc. cit., Clebsch, loc. cit.

He wanted to ask her about the bones but knew any such discussion would be the height of tastelessness for a long time to come.

Of an enthusiastic temperament, accomplished in classical literature, he seems while a pagan to have courted discussion with the converts to Christianity.