Sentence Examples with the word DISAGREEMENT

The most prominent examples of disagreement with earlier sources may be briefly noticed.

There is, however, a violent disagreement regarding the desirability and the results of his course.

In 1867 he attempted unsuccessfully to form a cabinet sufficiently strong to prevent the threatened Garibaldian incursion into the papal states, and two years later failed in a similar attempt, through disagreement with Lanza concerning the army estimates.

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It is true that there is much disagreement over how to achieve these ideals, but the fact remains we want a just society for all.

A disagreement with Peru in 1828 resulted in the invasion of Ecuador and the temporary occupation of Cuenca and Guayaquil by Peruvian forces; but peace was restored in the following year after the Ecuadorian victory at Tarqui.

Even on the cardinal point on which Aristotle entered into direct controversy with Plato, the definite disagreement between the two is less than at first appears; the objections of the disciple hit that part of the master's system that was rather imagined than thought; the main positive result of Platonic speculation only gains in distinctness by the application of Aristotelian analysis.

His connexion with the college, indeed, was interrupted in 1831, when a disagreement with the governing body caused De Morgan and some other professors to resign their chairs simultaneously.

There he organized a school which, under him, soon became one of the most flourishing in the north of Europe, but a disagreement with Marshal Munich led him, in spite of the empress's offers of high advancement, to return to central Europe in 1765.

On Boffilo del Giudice, but the appointment led to so much disagreement that the countship was united to the crown by Francis I.

Beginning with the battle of Borodino, from which time his disagreement with those about him began, he alone said that the battle of Borodino was a victory, and repeated this both verbally and in his dispatches and reports up to the time of his death.