Sentence Examples with the word DISABLE

You could always wait a few weeks or so to see if they disable the security.

That maybe everything would be all right and someone could disable them.

The five barbarians toyed with Sami and inflicted him with wounds meant to disable and bleed him, to prolong the match without killing him.

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What the other judges thought is not definitely known, but Bacon appears to have been unable to put in operation the plan he had devised for swaying Coke's judgment,' or if he did attempt it, he was unsuccessful, for Coke finally gave an opinion consistent with what he seems to have held at first, that the book was not treasonable, as it did not disable the king's title.

That would disable him; but he has one knee, and good part of the other left, you know.

Whether it was desired to build a railway bridge, disable a locomotive or cut a canal, the engineers were always ready with some happy expedient.

Their goal had been to get rid of as many of the Others as possible and save Jessi, because Darian wasn't able to disable the dozens gathered at once.

This knowledge is acquired by experience; and since it is not, at all events as a rule, taught by the first taste to any individual bird, it is reasonable to infer that a considerable amount of injury, sufficient to disable if not to kill, is annually inflicted upon insects belonging to species protected by distastefulness or kindred qualities.

His best advisers urged him to turn all his forces against the panicstricken Muscovites; to go into winter-quarters amongst them and live at their expense; to fan into a flame the smouldering discontent caused by the reforms of Peter the Great, and so disable Russia for some time to come.