Sentence Examples with the word DII

But Richelieu had no love for innovators, and showed this very plainly to dii Vergier de Hauranne, abbot of Saint Cyran, who was imprisOned at Vincennes for the good of Church and State.

For these reasons, among others, Chenier, whose art is destined to so many vicissitudes of criticism in his own country, seems assured among English readers of a place among the Dii Majores of French poetry.

To express this symbolically, let dii represent the area of a portion of a pair of rubbing surfaces at a distance r from the axis of their relative rotation; p the intensity of the normal pressure at du per unit of area; and f the coefficient of friction.

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Then the moment of friction of dii is fprdu the total moment of friction is f f pr.

Herodotus is the only ancient writer who mentions the Satrae, and Tomaschek regards the name not as that of a people but of the warlike nobility among the Thracian Dii and Bessi.