Sentence Examples with the word DIFFICULT

It would be difficult to match the stately dignity and imposing presence of a Baluch chief of the Marri or Bugti clans.

These considerations also indicate what a difficult matter it is to find the exact rate of working against the resistances, because of the difficulty of securing conditions which eliminate the effect both of the gradient and of acceleration.

To reduce such land to a fit state for the growth of arable crops is very difficult and slow without resort to paring and burning.

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A just appreciation of the genius and the writings of Propertius is made sensibly more difficult by the condition in which his works have come down to us.

It is not difficult to imagine the storms aroused by this indiscreet proposal; and had not the majority of the Frenchmen assembled at Constance had the sagacity to ref use to uphold the cardinal of Cambrai on this point, the upshot would have been a premature dissolution of the council.

Just within the Lion Gate is a projection of the wall surrounding a curious circular enclosure, consisting of two concentric circles though the historical identity of the persons actually buried in them is a more difficult question.

Ibn Hisham is said to have written a work explaining the difficult words which occur in poems on the life of the Apostle, and another on the genealogies of the Himyarites and their princes.

These salts have been extensively employed internally, and indeed they are still largely employed in the treatment of the more severe and difficult cases of nervous disease.

The remedy for this is the extension of factories and home industries; but European capital is difficult to obtain in India, and the native capitalist prefers to hoard his rupees.

These, combined with cigarette cravings, are why it is difficult for some people to give up smoking.