Sentence Examples with the word DIES

Under favourable conditions, when food is obtainable, growth is rapid, the time from the hatching of the young until it reaches maturity and dies after oviposition being, for example, about eleven weeks in R.

In the east the range is mostly narrow, and dies away on the edge of the Tsaidam depression; but in the west it swells out into the lofty and imposing mass of the Ilve-chimen or Shia-manglay, which is capped with perpetual snow.

If a husband dies leaving descendants only by a former marriage, the widow may take in lieu of dower the personal property that came to him by means of marriage, or if there be children by both marriages she may take in lieu of her dower right to his real estate an absolute right therein equivalent to the share of a child.

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Thus nature sleeps and dies during winter, to awake in springtime to a life of renewed luxuriance.

King and queen fly, carrying the child with them, and while the wife is tending her husband, who dies of a broken heart on his flight, the infant is carried off by a friendly water-fairy, the Lady of the Lake, who brings the boy up in her mysterious kingdom.

The lieutenant governor (and then the secretary of state) succeeds to the office of governor if the governor is removed, dies or leaves the state.

West of where the escarpment dies out, the Great Valley Region and a considerable portion of the Appalachian Mountains Region are drained by the Coosa, the Tallapoosa and their tributaries, into Mobile Bay, but the Cumberland Plateau, like that part of the Appalachian Mountains Region which lies directly N.

If a man dies unreconciled to God through Christ, he must pass through another cycle of imprisonment in flesh; perhaps in a human, but with equal likelihood in an animal's body.

He dies by poison soon afterwards.

When a man dies he kicks the dust.