Sentence Examples with the word DICTATE

Clearly, then, Napoleon's desire for peace was conditional on his being allowed to dictate terms to the rulers and peoples concerned.

Should he invade the Austrian crown lands, and dictate peace to Ferdinand II.

Howie recoiled at the sound of the shot and continued to dictate as the intruder fell to the ground clutching his leg, his hand drenched in blood.

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John then reopened negotiations with Napoleon, and Lucien Bonaparte was sent to dictate terms in Madrid.

There's only a few who get the chance to do exactly what they want to, and they'd better grab it and run before responsibilities tie 'em up in knots and circumstances dictate their life for them.

He could dictate their policy at home and abroad, revise their statute-book, upset the decisions of their law-courts.

Entirely safe from the usual turbulent movements of Scottish opposition, and but ill acquainted with Scottish opinion, he could dictate measures which were oppressive to the preachers and unwelcome to the majority of the laity.

Not anticipated the rapid success of Prussia, after the battle of Koniggratz at the request of Austria came forward as mediator, and there were a few days during which it was probable that Prussia would have to meet a French attempt to dictate terms of peace.

The prisoners were released by force, and proceeded to dictate terms to the khedive.

The new German empire, consolidated through wars with Catholic Germany and Catholic France, was of all countries least likely to tolerate Roman attempts to dictate to its subjects.