Sentence Examples with the word DETECTIVE

Though I was anxious to speak with Detective Jackson for an update, it was too early to call.

I didn't at first recognize the New Hampshire number but remembered I'd given mine to Detective Jackson.

Then I remembered Detective Jackson.

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Instead, he asked Fred about his detective work.

They had dined at an expensive restaurant, at Fred's booking and in his company, when the only connection between them was Detective Dean investigating her husband's disappearance.

Fitzgerald started to say something but Corday grimaced, let out a long sigh and nodded for the younger detective to leave.

I had related to the detective what I'd learned from Willard Humphries, Grasso's cell mate, that he had a hide out somewhere away from Santa Barbara.

Mayer turned to Dean as he and the detective moved back to Mayer's office.

According to Detective Norman Hunter of the Norfolk Police Department, Byrne's bed had not been slept in.

The detective seemed unconvinced until I told him John Luke Grasso wanted something from my friend and he might have contacted him.