Sentence Examples with the word DESTROY

Nicanor threatened to destroy the Temple if the priests would not deliver Judas into his hands.

According to Lactantius, it prophesied the overthrow of Rome and the advent of Zeus to help the godly and destroy the wicked, but omitted all reference to the sending of the Son of God.

On this account Saul spared them when bidden by Yahweh to destroy Amalek; David, too, whilst living in Judah, appears to have been on friendly terms with them (I Sam.

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As Grey God, he's destined to destroy a world.

She said we have to destroy it, too.

It should be free from dirt - that is to say, free from clay or soft mud, for instance, which prevents the cement adhering to its particles, or again from sewage matter or any substance which will chemically destroy the matrix.

Once I have disposed of the you two and your newborn, I shall lure her pack here a few at a time and destroy them all.

We have no reason to believe they will destroy you.

These spiders are very much larger and more venomous than the largest of the Lycosidae, and in the Southern states of North America the species of wasps that destroy them have been called tarantula hawks.

To destroy the red spider, syringe the plants copiously at night, and splash the paths with water.