Sentence Examples with the word DEGRADING

On the 9th of February 1304 Comyn with his companions submitted; they hunted Wallace, who had returned from the continent, and on the 24th of July the brave Oliphant surrendered Stirling on terms of a degrading nature.

As a revenue payer he is not so satisfactory, his want of industry and the pride which looks upon manual labour as degrading making him but a poor husbandman.

His first publications, which appeared as rhymed allegories, were political rather than religious, being aimed at what he deemed the degrading Swiss practice of hiring out mercenaries in the European wars.

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Soon after, Edward made a successful effort to throw off his degrading dependence on his mother and her paramour.

The central section of the plains thus presents a marked contrast to the northern section; for while the northern section owes its smoothness to the removal of local gravels and sands from a formerly uneven surface by the action of degrading rivers and their inflowing tributaries, the southern section owes its smoothness to the deposition of imported gravels and sands upon a previously I uneven surface by the action of aggrading rivers and their outgoing distributaries.

It's as if she's bent on degrading herself.

Sobriety and hardiness characterize the bulk of the people, though the higher classes are too often stained with deep and degrading debauchery.

But every quaternion formula is a proposition in spherical (sometimes degrading to plane) trigonometry, and has the full advantage of the symmetry of the method.

Mainsa (flesh), matsya (fish), madya (wine), maithuna (sexual union), and mudra (mystical finger signs) - probably the most degrading cult ever practised under the pretext of religious worship.

Huxley, it will be remembered, in similar circumstances, answered this question by degrading consciousness to an epiphenomenon, or bye-product of the physical process.