Sentence Examples with the word DECRETALS

For the Decretals we should mention: Bernard of Pavia 5 (c. 1195), Sinibaldo Fieschi (Innocent IV., c. 1240), Henry of Susa (d.

In the third part the author continues the series of decretals which he had interrupted at the council of Nicaea.

Raymond does not attempt any original work; to the texts already included in the Quinque compilationes, he adds only nine decretals of Innocent III.

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The result of all these supplements to Gratian's work, apart from the inconvenience caused by their being so scattered, was the accumulation of a mass of material almost as considerable as the Decretum itself, from which they Decretals Y tended to split off and form an independent whole, ixGregory embodying as they did the latest state of the law.

The changes due to the adoption of the False Decretals by Nicholas I.

But as the collection of authentic decretals does not begin till Siricius (385), the pseudo-Isidore first forges thirty letters, which he attributes to the popes from Silvester to Damasus; after this he includes the authentic decretals, with the intermixture of thirty-five apocryphal ones, generally given under the name of those popes who were not represented in the authentic collection, but sometimes also under the names of the others, for example, Damasus, St Leo, Vigilius and St Gregory; with one or two exceptions he does not interpolate genuine decretals.

Quanta, the author of which is unknown, contained the decretals of the last six years of Innocent III., and the important decrees of the Lateran council of 1215.

This was the Compilatio tertia; for soon after, Joannes Galensis (John of Wales) collected the decretals published between the collection of Bernard of Pavia and the pontificate of Innocent III.; and this, though of later date, became known as the Compilatio secunda.

The False Decretals did not greatly modify nor corrupt the Canon Law, but they contributed much to accelerate its progress towards unity.

As we know, produced no documents, and the citations from the False Decretals made in their later writings do not prove that they had forged them.