Sentence Examples with the word DEA

Excavations, commenced in the 16th century and continued to the 19th, in the grove of the Dea Dia about 5 m.

Moreover, the temple of the earth-goddess Bona Dea on the slopes of the Aventine was a kind of herbarium, and snakes were kept there as a symbol of the medical art.

See Gerhard, Ober Agathodamon and Bona Dea (Berlin, 1849).

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Besides the Aurunci and the dea Marica and;the intempestaeque Graviscae (Virg.

But as Wykeham was of the party of the Black Prince and his widow Joan of Kent, no dea ex machina was needed.

On the second and principal day of the festival the ceremonies were conducted in the grove of the Dea Dia.

The great annual festival which they had to conduct was held in honour of the anonymous Dea Dia, who was probably identical with Ceres.

As tribune of the people in 61 B.C., he was chiefly instrumental in securing the acquittal of the notorious Publius Clodius when charged with having profaned the mysteries of Bona Dea (Cicero, Ad.

The orgies of Adonis in the temple of Baalit (Aphrodite Byblia) are described by Lucian, De Dea Syr., cap. vi.

Though not primarily a moon-goddess, she sometimes appears in this character (Lucian, Dea syr.