Sentence Examples with the word Cytology

The results of future research on the cytology of the group will be awaited with interest.

De Bary and others, while more recently, as cytology (q.v.), the intimate study of the cell and its contents has attracted considerable attention.

Xxi.; Blackman, On the Fertilization, Alternation of Generations, and General Cytology of the Uredineae, Ann.

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The cytology of bone marrow, with the technique of blood examination, is of great assistance in the diagnosis of different pathological conditions.

For a more detailed description of the cell see CYTOLOGY and the section on Cytology of Plants below).

The cytology of these forms is very little known; Dangeard states that there is a fusion of two nuclei in the chlamydospore, but this requires confirmation.

The cytology of zygospore-formation is not known in detail; the so-called gametes which fuse are multinucleate and are no doubt of the nature of gametangia.