Sentence Examples with the word Cysts

Thaxter's observations and conclusions were called in question by some botanists, but his later observations and those of Baur have established firmly the position of the group. The peculiarity of the group lies in the fact that the bacteria form plasmodiumlike aggregations ' and build themselves up into sporogenous structures of definite form superficially similar to the cysts of the Mycetozoa (fig.

Hydatic Cysts are often met with in the liver.

These cysts are doubtless for dispersal by way of the anus, and the vertebrate host is in all likelihood infected by the mouth and alimentary canal.

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Certain individuals of a particular character form definite rounded cysts in the rectum of the fly; in this condition, the only sign of Trypanosome structure is afforded by the two nuclei, which remain separate.

In the Leptolinae the oto e ' cysts are seen in their first stage in Mitrocoma annae (fig.