Sentence Examples with the word Cystidea

The simpler forms of Edrioasteroidea, with their more sac-like body and undifferentiated plates, may well have been derived from early Cystidea of yet simpler structure, and there seems no reason to follow Jaekel in regarding the class as itself the more primitive.

Carpenter published important papers on fossil crinoids in the Journal of the Geological Society, on Cystidea in that of the Linnean Society, 1891, and, together with R.

In this way the many highly modified orders of Cystidea may be traced back to a simple, many-plated ancestor with little or no radiate symmetry (see below).

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The Echinoderms may be divided into seven classes, whose probable relations are thus indicated: Cystidea Edrioasteroidea Pelmatozoa Holothurioidea Crinoidea Blastoidea Eleutherozoa Stelliformia Echinoidea Brief systematic accounts of these classes follow: Grade A.

The former might be placed with Diploporita, were it not for a greater intimacy of correlation between ambulacral and thecal structures than is found in Cystidea as here defined.

Orders: Cystidea and Crinoidea.