Sentence Examples with the word Cyrus

When Cyrus was twelve years old he went with his mother to Media to visit his grandfather.

Xl.-xlviii., in which Cyrus is the anointed of Yahweh.

They destroyed Nineveh in alliance with the Babylonians, and half a century later Cyrus took Babylon and founded the great dynasty of the Achaemenidae.

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Scarcely 40 years after the destruction of Jerusalem, a new power appeared in the east in the person of Cyrus the Great.

He was the brother of David Dudley Field, Cyrus W.

Soon after the conquest of the Median empire, Cyrus was attacked by a coalition of the other powers of the East, Babylon, Egypt and Lydia, joined by Sparta, the greatest military power of Greece.

At the beginning of his long reign of forty-four years he was threatened by Nebuchadrezzar; later he joined the league against Cyrus and saw with alarm the fall of his old enemy.

Nevertheless, if Cyrus was not originally a Persian and was not a worshipper of Yahweh (Isa.

About his reign we know little, as the narrative of Herodotus, which makes Cyrus the grandson of Astyages by his daughter Mandane, is merely a legend; the figure of Harpagus, who as general of the Median army betrays the king to Cyrus, alone seems to contain an historical element, as Harpagus and his family afterwards obtained a high position in the Persian empire.

A victory won about 546 B.C., when the Lydian Empire fell before Cyrus of Persia, made the Spartans masters of the Cynuria, the borderland between Laconia and Argolis, for which there had been an age-long struggle.