Sentence Examples with the word Cyanate

The amino-oxazolines are known as alkylene--areas and are formed by the action of potassium cyanate on the hydrobromides of the bromalkylamines (S.

Amidourea, or semicarbazide, NH 2 CO NH NH 2, is best prepared from hydrazine sulphate and potassium cyanate (J.

To this problem there was added another in about the third decade of the 19th century - namely, to determine the manner in which the atoms composing the radical were combined; this supplementary 'requisite was due to the discovery of the isomerism of silver fulminate and silver cyanate by Justus von Liebig in 1823, and to M.

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Stein, Ann., 1869, 150, p. 242), or from ammonium hypochlorite and potassium cyanate (A.

The hydrochloride with potassium cyanate C(NH 2): N gives hydrazothio-carbonamide, NH2 C0 NH NH CS NH2.