Sentence Examples with the word Cutting in

And now to-morrow, cook, when we are cutting in the fish, be sure you stand by to get the tips of his fins; have them put in pickle.

Another use of colored glass was for cutting in the shapes of hieroglyphs for inlaying in wooden.

An attempt was made in 184 B.C. to get round it by an embankment thrown out into the sea: but it was probably not until early in the imperial period that a cutting in the rocks at the foot of the promontory (Pisco Montano) finally solved the problem.

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The oscillations are controlled either by a key inserted in the primary circuit of the exciting induction coil or transformer, or by a key cutting in and out of the primary condensers or throwing inductance in and out of the closed oscillation circuit.

A little distance below this dike begins the artificial cutting in the sandstone rock and at half a mile from it is a second band, 60 yds.