Sentence Examples with the word Cutler

The departments of the institution are a college of arts; schools of engineering (1903), music, and (1906) forestry; and the Cutler Academy, a preparatory school under the control of the college.

Dr Cutler was selected to negotiate with Congress, and seems to have helped to secure the incorporation in the Ordinance for the government of the North-West Territory of the paragraphs which prohibited slavery and provided for public education and for the support of the ministry.

So, a smart detective would go downtown and ask his old friend Monica Cutler at the Sentinel for a list of out of town people who've ordered the paper to be mailed to 'em. The ones who've signed up over the past few weeks.

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It reminded him of his talk with Monica Cutler on Monday.

Monica Cutler had performed every duty but setting type at the Parkside Sentinel for the past 20 years.

Nathan Cutler (acting) Jonathan G.

Monica Cutler looked up from her desk, a broad smile spreading across her face, brightening up the bleakness of the cloudy day.

On the 27th of October 1787 Cutler and Major Winthrop Sargent (1753-1820), who had joined him in the negotiations, signed two contracts; one was for the absolute purchase for the Ohio Company, at 663 cents an acre, of 1,500,000 acres of land lying along the north bank of the Ohio river, from a point near the site of the Democrat.

The death, in 1687, of his niece, Mrs Grace Hooke, who had lived with him for many years, caused him deep affliction; a law-suit with Sir John Cutler about his salary (decided, however, in his favour in 1696) occasioned him prolonged anxiety; and the repeated anticipation of his discoveries inspired him with a morbid jealousy.