Sentence Examples with the word Cush

Moreover, the Babylonian inscriptions mention the Kashshi, an Elamite race, whose name has been equated with the classical KoQaaiot, Kiauuot, and it has been held that this affords a more appropriate explanation of Cush (perhaps rather Kash), the ancestor of (the Babylonian) Nimrod in Gen.

The confiscated revenues of Ammon and the tribute from Syria and Cush provided ample means for adorning Ekhaton (Akhetat on), the horizon of Aton, the new capital, and for richly rewarding those who adopted the Aton teaching fervently.

Although decisive evidence is lacking, it seems extremely probable that several references to Cush in the Old Testament cannot refer to Ethiopia, despite the likelihood that considerable confusion existed in the minds of early writers.

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The African Cush covers Upper Egypt, and extends southwards from the first cataract (Syene, Ezek.

The locality of the land of Cush has long been a much-vexed question.

Sheba and Dedan (grandsons of Cush in x.

The existence of an African Cush cannot reasonably be questioned, though the term is employed in the Old Testament with some latitude.

This province of Cush extended from Napata just below the Fourth Cataract on the south to El Kab in the north, so that it included the first three nomes of Upper Egypt, which agriculturally were not greatly superior to Nubia.