Sentence Examples with the word Curvature

The horns of the bucks are heavy, and have a peculiar forward curvature at the tips; the colour of the coat is red-fawn, with a broad brown band down the back.

Many well-known derivative curves present themselves in this manner; thus the variable curve may be the normal (or line at right angles to the tangent) at any point of the given curve; the intersection of the consecutive normals is the centre of curvature; and we have the evolute as at once the locus of the centre of curvature and the envelope of the normal.

We know that the radius of curvature of a surface of revolution in the plane normal to the meridian plane is the portion of the normal intercepted by the axis of revolution.

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Mendel Dessau was a poor scribe - a writer of scrolls - and his son Moses in his boyhood developed curvature of the spine.

The spectrum will be straight if the twoprismsaresimilar in dispersive property, but if one of them is con structed of a material which possesses any peculiarity in this respect it will be revealed by the curvature of the spectrum.

A linear error in the spacing, and a general curvature of the lines, are eliminated in the ordinary use of a grating.

From this it follows that correctness of drawing depends solely upon the principal rays; and is independent of the sharpness or curvature of the image field.

In every instance therefore where, in walking over the surface, we traverse a series of strata which gradually, and without dislocations, increase or diminish in inclination, we cross part of a great curvature in the strata of the earth's crust.

The term in y corresponds to a variation of curvature in crossing the grating (fig.

At any point a sounding line would hang in the line of the radius of curvature of the water surface.