Sentence Examples with the word Curule

This nobility consisted of all those who, as descendants of curule magistrates, had the jus imaginum - that is, who could point to forefathers ennobled by office.

Fourteen years later, when curule aedile, he distributed large quantities of grain among the citizens at a very low price.

The place is little mentioned in ancient literature, though Silius Italicus tells us that it was hence that the Romans took their magisterial insignia (fasces, curule chair, purple toga and brazen trumpets), and it was undoubtedly one of the twelve cities of Etruria.

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After having held several curule offices, he was consul elect in A.D.

He came of a family of good standing, long settled at Velitrae (Velletri), but his father was the first of the family to obtain a curule magistracy at Rome and senatorial dignity.

Besides the dictatorship, Caesar held the consulship in each year of his reign except 47 B.C. (when no curule magistrates were elected save for the last three months of the year); and he was moreover invested by special enactments with a number of other privileges and powers; of these the most important was the tribuni'cia potestas, which we may believe to have been free from the limits of place (i.e.

In 79 he was curule aedile with his brother, in 77 praetor, in 73 consul with Gaius Cassius Varus.

In 80 he returned to Rome as curule aedile, in which capacity he exhibited games of exceptional magnificence.

By virtue of his office he was entitled to a seat in the senate and a curule chair.

The political career of Varro seems to have been late and slow; but he arrived at the praetorship, after having been tribune of the people, quaestor and curule aedile.