Sentence Examples with the word Curt

Dusty responded with a curt nod, hoping the Grey God was right.

He was very curt in his replies to Hobbes's philosophical objections, and broke off all correspondence on the physical questions, writing privately to Mersenne that he had grave doubts of the Englishman's good faith in drawing him into controversy (L.W.

His conversation was short and curt before he tossed it.

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Ruff and Curt Albert, Ber., 1905, 38, p. 2222).

He didn't have to be so curt about it.

On the 26th of June 1879 Ismail suddenly received from the sultan a curt telegram, addressed to him as ex-khedive of Egypt, informing him that his son Tewfik was appointed his successor.

Bordeaux was curt as he helped her down into the crowd.

Dusty gave a curt nod and closed his eyes.

With another curt nod, Jessi opened the door and went into Ashley's room.

The exile of the parlement to Troyes, the arrest of various members, and the curt declaration of the kings absolute authority (November 9, 2787) were unsuccessful in breaking down its resistance.