Sentence Examples with the word Cursing

He planted his hands on his hips and looked upward, cursing the gods in silence.

Jessi flushed, cursing him under her breath.

Still cursing him, the vamp obeyed and scrambled away.

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The cursing and dispersion of Simeon and Levi (xlix.

Sounds of cursing and wailing were in his ears.

He chose to overlook the idea of his nishani cursing like a man at battle.

She was still silently cursing herself for asking him why he needed to get to the underworld and him for answering honestly.

Damian didn't respond, silently cursing the being.

She returned to her room to clean herself up, cursing peanut butter for ruining her appetite as she went.

Deidre gritted her teeth, silently cursing everyone under the sun for not keeping better track of the souls.