Sentence Examples with the word Currencies

The altilik, beshlik and metallik currencies struck, the first and last in the reign of Mahmud II.

Webb, Currencies of the Hindu States of Rajputana (1893); Chiefs and Leading Families of Rajputana (1903); and Rajputana Gazetteer (Calcutta, 1908).

These debased currencies are usually at a premium over gold owing to the extreme scarcity of fractional coinage.

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They might even own foreign currencies the same way.

And Abd-ul-Mejid, and the second in the reign of Mahmud only, were not included in the reform; these were debased currencies bearing a nominal value, the altilik of 6, 3 and 12 piastres, the beshlik of 5 and 22 piastres, the metallik of 1, 2 and 4 piastres; they represented the last degree of an agelong monetary depreciation, the original piastre having had a value of about 5s.