Sentence Examples with the word Curetes

Kopbfiavmr), in Greek mythology, half divine, half demonic beings, bearing the same relation to the Asiatic Great Mother of the Gods that the Curetes bear to Rhea.

A war broke out between the Calydonians and Curetes (led by Althaea's brothers) about the disposal of the head and skin, which Meleager awarded as a prize to Atalanta, who had inflicted the first wound; the brothers of Althaea lay in wait for Atalanta and robbed her of the spoils, but were slain by Meleager.

In central Euboea were the Curetes and Abantes, who seem to have come from the neighbouring continent by way of the Euripus; of these the Abantes, after being reinforced by Ionians from Attica, rose to great power, and exercised a sort of supremacy over the whole island, so that in Homer the inhabitants generally are called by that name.

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Meleager, who withdrew, and refused to fight until the Curetes were on the point of capturing the city of Calydon.

Their names and number were as indistinct even to the ancients as those of the Curetes and Idaean Dactyli.

Like the Curetes and Telchines they are mythical types of prehistoric workmen and architects, and as such the objects of worship.

P. 473, that the father of the Cabeiri was Camillus, a son of Hephaestus, the Cabeiri have been thought to be, like the Corybantes, Curetes and Dactyli, demons of volcanic fire.