Sentence Examples with the word Curb

He started the car and they drove off, leaving Connie standing there on the curb looking after them with a troubled expression.

William, now supreme in the States, while on land struggling with chequered success against the superior forces of the French, strove by his diplomacy, and not in vain, to gain allies for the republic. The growing power of France caused alarm to her neighbours, and Sweden, Denmark, Spain and the emperor lent a willing ear to the persuasions of the stadholder and were ready to aid his efforts to curb the ambition of Louis.

A chauffeur opened the door to a town car waiting at the curb nearest her apartment building.

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She had nothing to offer him to curb whatever ambition he had.

Worst of all, there existed no recognized authority in the land to curb and control its jarring centrifugal political elements.

The extreme licence of the Heliopolitan worship is often animadverted upon by early Christian writers, and Constantine, making an effort to curb the Venus cult, built a basilica.

Subsequently he elevated Gnesen into the metropolitan see of Poland, with jurisdiction over the bishoprics of Cracow, Breslau and Kolberg, all three of these new sees, it is important to notice, being in territory conquered by Boleslaus; for hitherto both Cracow and Breslau had been Bohemian cities,-while Kolberg was founded to curb the lately subjugated Pomeranians.

But the ten years of Richards reign were much more fruitful in the growth of institutions which were destined to curb the power of the crown.

He had steadily to oppose Sigismund's reactionary tendencies; he had also to curb the nobility, which he did with cruel rigour.

After the death of Edward further attempts to curb the power of the nobles were made by his brother, D.