Sentence Examples with the word Culminated

The horrors culminated in the capture of Tripolitsa, the capital of the vilayet.

Her success culminated in the capitulations signed in 1604, under the terms of which her consuls were given precedence over all others and were endowed with diplomatic immunities (e.g.

The appointment of Robert to the archbishopric of Canterbury in 1051 marks the decline of Godwine's power; and in the same year a series of outrages committed by one of the king's foreign favourites led to a breach between the king and the earl, which culminated in the exile of the latter with all his family (see Edward The Confessor).

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But since the reaction, led by Price and Reid, against the manner of philosophizing that had culminated in Hume, free-will has been generally maintained by the intuitional school to be an essential point of ethics; and, in fact, it is naturally connected with the judgment of good and ill desert which these writers give as an essential element in their analysis of the moral consciousness.

In 1777 General John Burgoyne succeeded in taking Ticonderoga, but in the swampy forests southward from Lake Champlain he fought his way against heavy odds, and in the middle of October his campaign culminated disastrously in his surrender at Saratoga.

The repressive efforts of the government, however, culminated in the bill, introduced in the session of 1907 by Prince Billow, providing for the compulsory expropriation of Polish landowners in favour of Germans.

By the wild alarms which culminated in the Popish Terror Russell appears to have been affected more completely than his otherwise sober character would have led people to expect.

Part of the king's ransom was still owing to England; other causes of discord between the two nations existed, and in 1436 these culminated in a short war.

This culminated in open warfare, and from 1584 to 1622 BadenBaden was in the possession of one of the princes of BadenDurlach.

It is a proof of the strength of the moral instincts of mankind that the only phase of culture which we can survey in all its stages from beginning to end culminated not in materialism, but in the boldest idealism.