Sentence Examples with the word Cubital

Arising as a long tendon from the sterno-scapular ligament, it passes the axilla by means of a fibrous pulley, accompanies the axillary vessels and nerves along the humerus, and is inserted by a few fleshy fibres on the base of the last two or three cubital quills.

From another hinder trunk arise the two-branched cubital nervure and three separate anal nervures.

There are several curved median and cubital nervures and a single anal, but few cross nervures or areolets.

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The ulna is curved and rather stout; it articulates with both carpal bones; the cubital quills often cause rugosities on its dorsal surface.

This, the stretcher of the cubital quills, is a very interesting muscle.

II, 12, cubital or branchial; 7.

The feelers are long and simple, and the wings are very narrow, each with a sub-costal, a radial, a median and a cubital nervure; the branches of the median and the cubital, however, as well as the anal nervures, are vestigial, and there are a few short cross-bars between After Marlatt, Ent.