Sentence Examples with the word Cryptic

Deidre's bucket list came to mind, distracting him from interpreting Fate's cryptic comparison.

He failed to make the cryptic words in any way friendly, and the cold glare seared through her.

He watched the change, irritated by the bizarre mood swings and cryptic ramblings that defined Darian's speech lately.

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Damian straightened, at his limit with the cryptic nonsense.

Two days later, a cryptic message was posted on his regular secure web site.

The cryptic response made her hesitate.

Contains a prophecy by Moses or is the work of another and later writer, while the Jewish scholar Ibn Ezra (Abenezra), in a cryptic note on Deut.

These so-called prophecies rely heavily on interpreting metaphors and numerical clues contained in the cryptic verses and then ascribing these to major events.

Suddenly, Andre's cryptic warning made sense.

I knew Quinn kept cryptic notes of machine settings and results but I was sure the majority of his writings remained in Keene.