Sentence Examples with the word Cruised

On the 16th of August he had an encounter off Plymouth with Ayscue, whom he worsted, and then cruised at the Land's End.

Soon afterwards he was transferred to the navy and cruised in the West Indies, until, when blockaded by a British cruiser, he left his ship and travelled through the United States.

Hunted hither and thither, he wandered on foot or cruised restlessly in open boats among the many barren isles of the Scottish shore,enduring the greatest hardships with marvellous courage and cheerfulness.

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In 1760 Savva Loshkin cruised along the E.

The French occupation continued till the 5th of June 1861, and the French and English squadrons cruised on the coast for several months after.

He cruised off Messina to intercept the supplies which were being brought to the French garrison by a fleet of 20 sail under the command of Abraham Duquesne.