Sentence Examples with the word Crucified

Archelaus, Herod's successor, had far less authority than Herod, and the real power of government at Jerusalem was assumed by the Roman procurators, in the time of one of whom, Pontius Pilate, Jesus Christ was condemned to death and crucified outside Jerusalem.

The vizier was afterwards crucified with his five brothers.

And crucified under Pontius Pilate, and buried, 5.

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He taught that all who put their trust in the good God, and his crucified Son, renounce their allegiance to the Demiurge, and approve themselves by good works of love, shall be saved.

Origen also relates the latter detail and adds that at his own request Peter was crucified head downwards.

According to Vitruvius (vii., preface) he lived during the age of Ptolemy Philadelphus (285-247 B.C.), by whom he was crucified as the punishment of his criticisms on the king.

Though twice crucified and once flayed by order of the tsar, he always rose again, and did not die till 1716.

Many religious teachers and many revolutionaries were crucified within this period; and the early Christians were outwardly distinguished from other Jews only by their scrupulous observance of religious duties.

At any rate Alexander crucified two sons of Simon the Galilean, who had headed a revolt in the time of the census.

El Motamid, in a moment of folly and rage, crucified the Jew and imprisoned the Christian members of the mission.