Sentence Examples with the word Croesus

This style continued in use under the Persians, under whose rule the Phrygians passed when Cyrus defeated Croesus in 546, and lasted till the Roman period.

Judged by the diameter of the drums, the columns of the Croesus temple were not two-thirds of the height of those of the Hellenistic temple.

Corner of Phocis, in Greece, famous in early times for its oracle of Apollo, one of those consulted by Croesus (Herod.

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He also married a Greek princess named Ladice, the daughter of Battus, king of Cyrene, and he made alliances with Polycrates of Samos and Croesus of Lydia.

The result was a great disaster, and Alexander had recourse to the old quibble of the Delphic oracle to Croesus for an explanation.

There was another temple dedicated to him on the road from Thebes to Potniae, and here was the oracle of Amphiaraus consulted by Croesus and Mardonius.

The oldest known coins are the electrum coins of the earlier Mermnads (Madden, Coins of the Jews, pp. 19-21), stamped on one side with a lion's head or the figure of a king with bow and quiver; these were replaced by Croesus with a coinage of pure gold and silver.

The defeat of Croesus by Cyrus was followed by the conquest of all the Ionian cities.

According to Diogenes Laertius, who credits him with an undoubtedly spurious letter to Croesus (with whom his connexion was probably legendary), Pittacus was a writer of elegiac poems, from which he quotes five lines.

The circumstances under which the death of the son of Croesus is by the same writer (i.