Sentence Examples with the word Criticised

In politics he held that good laws were better than good rulers, and criticised papal infallibility in temporal affairs.

As he was a Federalist he was severely criticised and censured for this defeat and resigned from the army.

Although severely criticised for his conduct of the expedition, he received, in October 1779, the thanks of Congress.

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The appointment, criticised at the time as withdrawing from the regular diplomatic corps one of its most coveted posts, proved a great success.

All through these twenty-six years he was being opposed and criticised by a party which embraced the wisest and most patriotic section of the baronage and the hierarchy.

He was criticised by the vestals of constitutional tradition for having declared war without consulting Parliament and for not having summoned it until several months later.

The first mentioned of these was severely criticised by Pascal in the fifth and sixth of his Provincial Letters, as tending to inculcate a loose system of morality.

On the outbreak of the World War he urged preparedness and criticised America's naval administration.