Sentence Examples with the word Crista

Long, with a strong crista lateralis, which indicates a strongly developed great pectoral muscle and hence, by inference, the presence of a keel to the sternum.

The upper molars have a crista but no crochet (fig.

The third upper molar is triangular, and most of the teeth of the upper cheek-series may have both crochet and crista (fig.

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From the outer tuberculum extends the large crista superior (insertion of pectoralis major and of deltoideus major muscles).

The ventral portion of the neck is formed by the strong crista inferior, on the median side of which is the deep fosses subtrochanterica by which air sacs enter the humerus.

The upper milers have a crista and a crochet (fig.

On the outer side of the humerus between the head and the crista inferior is a groove lodging one of the coraco-humeral ligaments.

When it is slit open from in front a longitudinal ridge is seen in its posterior wall, which is called the verumontanum or crista urethra, and on each side of this is a longitudinal depression, the prostatic sinus, into which numerous ducts of the prostate open, though some of them open on to the antero-lateral surface.