Sentence Examples with the word Crises

As for the electors, they had the strongest possible motive forresisting the papal claim, because if this were once admitted they would quickly lose their grcrwing importance in the state, Lastly, the cities which had stood behind the Empire in the most difficult crises of its contest with Rome were not likely to desert it now.

The last-named .volume contains Jevons's interesting speculations on the connexion between commercial crises and sun-spots.

And at one time its repeated suspension in periods of financial crises seemed to suggest the necessity of its amendment.

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This was one of the gravest crises in Moltke's career.

To soothe the populace and protect the frontier more was required than the resumption, as in all grave crises of the Revolution, of terrorist measures such as forced taxation or the law of hostages; the new Directory, Sieys presiding, saw that for the indispensable revision of the constitution a head and a sword were needed.

The activity of the prophets was largely called forth by crises in the national history.

The clock is wound up at the great crises of history, but proceeds to run down, and does so even more rapidly in Protestantism than in Catholicism.

It was in crises of national anguish that men turned most eagerly to the prophecies, and sought to construe their teachings as a promise of speedy deliverance (see Apocalyptic Literature).

This prevents indeed any continuity of policy, for the majority in congress is perpetually fluctuating, and ministerial crises rapidly follow one another.

By the extensive powers with which the stadholder princes of Orange were invested; and the chief crises in the internal Contest history of the Dutch republic are to be found in between, the struggles for supremacy between two, in reality, ciples of National and Pro- the Prin- different principles of government.