Sentence Examples with the word Creeks

It is a vast plain, intersected by tidal creeks and subject to inundation at high spring tides.

And has a white spathe more than a foot in length; and on the western coast dense thickets of mangrove line the creeks and rivers.

In its lower course the Bum passes through the Mendi country and enters the network of lagoons and creeks separated from the ocean by the long low tract of Turner's Peninsula.

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Few of the mountain creeks succeed in reaching the arid plains, and those that do quickly disappear by evaporation or by seepage into the gravels.

With a very irregular outline broken by the mouths of numerous creeks and streams. The mouth, only 2 m.

Adams, learning that this treaty was not approved by the entire Creek nation, authorized a new one, signed at Washington in 1826, by which the treaty of 1825 was abrogated and the Creeks kept certain lands W.

It was very difficult to burn, and when dumped into rivers and creeks was carried out by flood water to fill the edges of the flats with a decaying and offensive mass of vegetable matter.

A large portion are one-half or more white blood and the Creeks and some others have more or less negro blood.

The river is navigable by small steamers up to Sapele, a town on the south bank immediately below the junction of the head streams. The Ologi and Gwato creeks enter the Benin on the right or north bank, and on the same side (8 m.

By the treaty of Fort Jackson (9th of August 1814) the Creeks ceded their claims to about one-half of the present state; and cessions by the Cherokees, Chickasaws and Choctaws in 1816 left only about one-fourth of Alabama to the Indians.