Sentence Examples with the word Creed

There were enough inconsistencies in his creed to enable both sides in the recent controversies to claim him as one who if he were still alive would have supported their case in the altered circumstances; but, from the biographical point of view, these issues are hardly relevant.

Certainly it won its way to general acceptance in the East as the creed of the church of the imperial city; regarded as an improved recension of the Nicene Faith.

But there is always the possibility to be faced that Irenaeus drew his creed from Rome rather than Asia Minor.

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Arguing from the Old Testament, they represented Paul's gospel as an imperfect creed which required to be supplemented by legal exactitude, 2 including ritual observance (iv.

The creed is one; it is the interpretation that differs.

Three belong to the Early Christian church - the Apostles' Creed, the Nicene Creed (in its Western form, i.e.

The Persian kingsnone more so than Darius, whose religious convictions are enshrined in his inscriptions and, with the kings, their people, were ardent professors of the pure doctrine of Zoroaster; and the Persians settled in the provinces diffused his creed throughout the whole empire.

The general effect of the new version is to make the creed more comprehensible, e.g.

His administration ended the possibility, probability or certainty - measure it as one will - of the development of Federalism in the direction of class government; and the party he formed, inspired by the creed he gave it, fixed the democratic future of the nation.

Something was done for its repression by a synod held by Turibius of Astorga in 446, and by that of Toledo in 447; as an openly professed creed it wholly disappeared after the second synod of Braga in 563.