Sentence Examples with the word Credit Card

I'm sure it's far more difficult to trace a credit card than it seems in the movies, even if your husband is trying that hard to find you.

Dusty gritted his teeth, feeling much like he was setting a child with a credit card free in a candy store.

While he had dismissed in his mind, Edith's fears that she might be traced by her credit card charge as irrational, here was evidence that, in fact, her concerns were well founded.

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Sofia fingered the cell phone and credit card Damian thrust into her hands on her way out the door.

The credit card is already recorded but I'll reverse the charge if you'd rather pay in cash.

She replaced the necklace and handed the credit card to the salesperson.

This has to be my favorite time of year, and the one time Lon promises not to dissect our credit card bills.

She was petrified he'd follow her, by tracing her credit card receipts, so much so she'd registered under an assumed name.

When you swipe a credit card to fill up your car with gas at the corner of 6th and Congress on January 21 at 11:38 p.m., your location and activity are digitally recorded, presumably for all time.

She researches credit card processors and decides to go with PayPal for now.